"...Hanging Hearts walk the line between manic extroversion and cool soulfulness on Into a Myth." -Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader Read Article

"Not afraid to mix things up, Hanging Hearts covers a broad spectrum of sounds that Chicago is known for, with energy and spirit." - Avant Music News Read Article

"The Trio's favourite modus operandi is carefully constructing a track, before hitting it over the head and gleefully taking it apart..." -Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood Read Article

"...a record that came straight from the gut." -Scott Gordon, Tone Madison Read Article

"...intelligent and fascinating fusion for the 21st century." -Roger Farbey, All About Jazz Read Article

"Dave King fills the Into a Myth producer role and Hanging Hearts add torque and tension." -Stephen Graham, Marlbank Read Article



“James Brown could have found some funk in Hanging Hearts.  These guys are from Chicago, the ghosts of legendary Windy City tenor players like Fred Anderson and Von Freeman blow through Chris Weller’s intentions.  He’s done the Berklee College of Music thing and DeGenova’s been a soul-boy, with this album comes the time to shake the wider world.  What I hear is self belief played with strength and it’s there for the taking.” -Steve Day, Sandy Brown Jazz Read Article

“An album that shines with passion, participation and dialogue, nothing is left hanging, each portion is lived intensely by the three.” -Giuseppe Mavilla, scrivere di jazz Read Article

FOUR STARS “…directions that they take in the future might be very special indeed.” -Phil Barnes, All About Jazz Read Article

“The trio brings it’s own language…” -Carlos Lara, Tomajazz Read Article

“Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts will inspire and challenge serious jazz listeners as this progressive trio treks into experimental territory with passion and confidence.” -Christian Harkna, AXS Read Article

FOUR STARS “Indeed, a top-shelf album that will require repeated listens.” -Geannine Reid, All About Jazz Read Article

FOUR STARS “…these guys carve out their own territory.” -Roger Farbey, All About Jazz Read Article

“I was on the edge of my seat…” -Randy Hunter, Read Article

“…Hanging Hearts certainly have their specific musical language…” –Miroslav Bachura, Read Article



3.9.15: Společensky dům in Neratovice, Czech Republic. Hanging Hearts shocked and stunned music fans... went up and down the road recklessly hammering the walls between genres.  It was the kind of concert, which will be even after years of talk. Those who were there, they will be remembered as a true musical event.”– Pavel Šanda, Neratoviny Read Article

3.16.15: Nádasdy Castle in Sárvár, Hungary.  “It was phenomenal.  The number was so full sound as if it would have been 5-6 piece band played there.”– Stephen Count, Láthatatlan Sárvár Read Article